Bartender Pricing: How Much is a Private Event Bartending Service?

For most events during the year, such as weddings, cocktail parties, corporate celebrations, and anniversaries, the services of a professional bartender can enhance the gathering. Regardless of the size of the event, bartending services can be hired to create a memorable celebration. Events ranging from casual backyard get-togethers to more formal occasions can benefit from having a bartender available.

When planning for such an event, many factors go into the costs associated with professional bartender services. Here, we’ll explore some of these factors to help you determine whether a professional bartending service is right for your next important event.

Costs Per Hour

Each bartender or professional bartending service has their own fee structure. Some bartenders may charge an hourly rate, while others have a fixed fee for a block of time; for example, certain bartending services may have a flat rate for a 4-hour time and may charge extra for additional hours beyond that 4-hour block. Still, others may have a minimum number of hours. The highest quality companies create all-inclusive packages which include bartending costs as well as all supplies. It is important to understand the fee terms, time limits, and extra fees before hiring a bartender for events.

Guest and Menu Factors

It goes without saying that the larger the event, the more bartenders will be needed to adequately serve guests. Small events may require only one or two bartenders, while large corporate gatherings may need the assistance of more bartending professionals, including managers. In general, professional bartending services staff one bartender for every 50-75 guests.

The drink menus may affect the number of bartenders needed and the costs associated with bartending service. Complicated cocktails require more labor and time than serving wine or beer; a bartending service can help you plan out your drink menus and offerings to help you get the most out of your event.

Bartending Assistants

Very large gatherings, such as lavish weddings or corporate anniversaries, may require more assistance than a handful of bartenders. In the industry, these assistants are known as “bar backs”. Their job is to keep the bar areas stocked with ice, glassware, and spirits. Typically, costs for bar backs is less than that for professional bartenders.

These are some of the several factors that go into the costs of having a professional bartending service at your party or event. Many services are adept at helping you plan for the perfect arrangement; speak to a bartending service today to get started on a memorable event that you and your guests will cherish for years.

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