Luxury Private Service

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Culture, Private Bartending

Events the world over employ private bartending services to enhance the guest experience. Bartenders provide refreshments, service, and even entertainment at family gatherings such as wedding parties, corporate events, tastings, and holiday celebrations. There are many private bartending companies available, but the truly luxury service providers stand out for their blend of planning, quality, and service.

The Bartender Company is the premier private bartending service in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have earned a reputation for quality due to our comprehensive three-stage process that encompasses each event from start to finish. Our company has worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, providing outstanding private bartending services at industry events. We have also shared our industry-leading services with countless smaller events. Here is a look at our process and what makes a luxury bartending service stand out from the rest.


The Bartender Company Process

Providing drinks and refreshment at a private party is only one part of a large puzzle. While many private bartending services are content to simply pour drinks for guests, The Bartender Company approaches every event with a comprehensive three-part process. We believe in thorough preparation, incredible service delivery, and after-event cleanup. The result is nothing less than spectacular.

The first stage is planning for the event. We work directly with event hosts, helping them to plan drink menus and the number of staff needed to accommodate the expected guests. Signature cocktails are our specialty, and some of our most popular choices for gatherings. We’re also experts in pairing sommelier-recommended wines and chilled craft beers, if desired by our clients. Our preparation includes all aspects of the event, from our simple agreements and confirmations, to ordering glassware and supplies. We can even provide event insurance for our clients, if needed. This careful attention to detail before the event even starts is what makes our luxury service the industry leader.

Next comes preparation for the event and service to the event guests. Our talented mixologists prepare homemade syrups from select fresh fruits (all according to the pre-defined drink menu) from local producers, to ensure the highest level of quality. For our signature cocktail choices, our handmade syrups create a flavorful and distinctive atmosphere, lending sophistication to any event. When our professional bartenders arrive at the event, we quickly set up a beautiful bar area. During the party, we pour wines, create delicious cocktails, and serve beers for guests until their hearts are content. The result is a memorable experience for everyone.

Once the party winds down, it is time for “last-call” drinks, then the ending of bar service. Our experienced professionals aren’t finished yet, however; we know that to provide impeccable service from start to finish, cleanup tasks are an important part of the overall picture. We break down the bar areas and make ourselves available to the party hosts for any last-minute tasks.

Our three-part process was designed from the ground up, to offer our clients the very best in service and quality. We believe our approach helps us stand out in a competitive marketplace, and has made us the premier choice for luxury professional bartending services.