Why We Don’t Recommend Food Caterers for Wedding Bars

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Private Bartending

Wedding Planning Can be Complex

For many couples, planning a dream wedding involves numerous steps, each with their own set of challenges. Questions abound during the planning process. Some of the most common planning questions include:

  • What venue selection will we choose for the event?
  • Will we need event planners?
  • How many wedding guests will attend?
  • Is wedding catering needed for meal service?
  • What is the wedding menu the couple prefers?
  • What is the wedding catering cost?
  • Are wedding catering services the best choice for bar services?

Wedding caterers are a common solution for many couples. These hospitality industry experts provide a wide range of services. Catering companies may employ an executive chef, a full culinary team, wait staff, and access to exclusive venues.

No matter what services the best wedding caterers provide, a cocktail hour or cocktail reception is often left in the hands of a more expert team — cocktail caterers or professional bartending services.

Let’s take a deeper look into what a wedding caterer can do — and can’t do — to pull off a magical, memorable event.


Wedding Catering for Special Events

It goes without saying that weddings are some of the most special events a person will attend in their lives.

Typically, a caterer will first help couples select a venue, then gather data like guest count, food preferences, and any unique considerations to make that special day even more memorable.

Will the big day include only close family and the couple’s closest friends, or will there be a large party in attendance?


Choosing a Full Service Catering Company

When planning your wedding day, you have many choices. Will you use local caterers or regional providers? Will you have a plated dinner or buffet?

For meal catering service, sit down dinner service choices range from family style meals to buffet style self-service, large platters created from seasonal menus and organic ingredients, individual food stations, or simple finger foods and drinks.

Wedding food is often one of the most difficult set of choices for a couple to make, and the number of guests further complicate the choices faced by the bride and groom.

Think about the last wedding you attended. As waiters passed hors d’oeuvres, then the event moved to the dining room, was the food memorable? If so, you are likely to have experienced the professionalism of catering teams with years of expertise. Now, consider all the planning that went into these events. The role of the caterer is essential.


Costs Associated With Catering

Each of these services will have their own catering costs. In many cases, per person charges can drive up the expenses associated with the event. A talented team of planners takes these costs into account. Additional fees may be required for more specialized menu items or food options.

With all this in mind, it is clear that event planners for weddings have their work cut out for them. For the best caterers, their team takes pride in delivering exquisite entrée options and impeccable service.


Food Caterers for Wedding Bar Service: Potential Drawbacks

As great as wedding catering can be in terms of delivering a delicious meal for guests, there may be potential drawbacks when these professionals are called upon for bar service.

The truth is that many caterers specialize in wedding menu planning only. The catering team may simply not have the experience needed to deliver cocktail service. They may be expert at all things weddings, but bartending requires a different set of skills and experiences.

In some areas, a fully liquor license as well as a licensed bartender or mixologist is required by local, state, or specific venue beverage regulations. It can be hard to find a caterer with those specialized credentials.

The biggest drawback of using a caterer for bar duties is this: On your perfect day, don’t you want your guests to enjoy the most delicious, professionally-mixed beverages and cocktails? If the answer is yes, a caterer might not be the best solution.


A Better Option for Wedding Bar Services

Hiring bartending professionals is the best option when you plan to serve cocktails and mixed beverages to your wedding guests.

Mixologists that specialize in large events know the steps required to create memorable occasions. They will develop drink menus to suit the attendees, source the top-shelf spirits and fresh ingredients needed and guide the wedding party through all of the add-ons available (and their costs). The end result? You’ll have the wedding of your dreams, and the cocktails and other beverages served at your wedding will be a central part of creating the perfect celebration.