Our Party Planing Process

The Bartender Company goes far beyond arriving early and staying late. Our three-part event creation process,”PlanningPartying and Polishing“, was forged over thousands of celebrations over the past twelve years. We’ll plan the event, bring and serve delicious drinks (including fresh and handmade ingredients), and then clean and polish the area until everything shines. All you need to do is sign. For you, it’s basically an “instant party”.

( 1 ) Plan

We’ll help you to plan an incredible party, complete with fresh-fruit signature cocktails, sommelier-recommended wines, and chilled beer.

( 2 ) Agree

We’ll send you a simple agreement, to sign and return with a deposit.

( 3 ) Confirm

We’ll let you know that you’re officially booked, and start ordering all of the supplies for your party.

( 4 ) Insurance

If you’ll need insurance, we’ll send you a certificate with your name on it.


( 5 ) Prepare

We’ll arrive early with all of the supplies, create a beautiful bar, press farmer’s market fruits, and make homemade syrups.

( 6 ) PARTY

We’ll create delicious drinks, pour fantastic wines, and serve iced beers until your guest’s hearts are content. Our advanced, certified, insured bartenders will serve with positive energy and beautiful smiles.


( 7 ) Last Call

We’ll make “last call” and start break down of the bar while leaving the most popular drinks accessible, so your guests can have one last drink as long as possible.

( 8 ) Polish

We’ll leave the bar spotless, and the surrounding area as clean as possible.

( 9 ) Finish

You’ll make one last check of the bar area, and let us know if there’s any way we can help you finish cleaning. If there’s anything (bartending or otherwise) left to do, we’ll ensure it’s done well.