Mastering the Dark ‘N Stormy (Recipe)

It’s hard to imagine that a cocktail would create legal controversy, but that is exactly what the classic Dark and Stormy has done. According to legend, the cocktail was first invented just after World War I on the Caribbean island of Bermuda. Since then, a Bermudan spirits producer has filed a registered trademark of the… View Article

Hiring a Private Bartender: What Mixologists Should Bring to the Table

For corporate events, family gatherings like weddings and receptions, holiday parties and more, many event hosts choose private bartenders to enhance the experience. A quality professional bartender is much more than someone who pours drinks; he or she can entertain, educate, and keep the fun flowing. Choosing a private bartender is fairly straightforward, yet there… View Article

Indulge in These 3 Sweet, Delicious Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

Dessert cocktails are a popular after-dinner choice, allowing the diner to satisfy his or her sweet tooth without the heaviness of a larger dessert option. Among dessert cocktails, chocolate-based drinks have surged in popularity. Chocolate liqueurs range from traditional crème de cacao to those with nutty or even spicy notes. Godiva, the renowned Belgian chocolatier,… View Article

Tips for Choosing the Right Private Bartending Company

Planning for a special event can be an extremely complex process. There are many components in hosting an event, from catering to service staff, location, and music. One of the primary ways in which special events can become truly magical is by offering guests the benefits of a professional bartending service. With quality bartending services,… View Article

Who Can Benefit from a Private Bartender Service?

Planning an event is a process full of challenges. No matter what kind of gathering, from small, intimate affairs to large corporate events, the goal is to provide a memorable time for guests. One of the ways that any event could benefit is by the use of professional private bartender services. At The Bartender Company, we… View Article

3 Steps to Starting Your Ultimate Home Bar

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family at home, a well-stocked bar is an absolute must. Being able to provide your guests with amazing refreshments sets the stage for fun. There are many options available to those who wish to create a home-based bar experience, and these options can be daunting. Here are some helpful… View Article

Bartender Pricing: How Much is a Private Event Bartending Service?

For most events during the year, such as weddings, cocktail parties, corporate celebrations, and anniversaries, the services of a professional bartender can enhance the gathering. Regardless of the size of the event, bartending services can be hired to create a memorable celebration. Events ranging from casual backyard get-togethers to more formal occasions can benefit from having… View Article

The Basics of Whiskey Maturation

Whiskey is one of the most popular spirits, and varieties of this amber-colored liquor can be found in bars and taverns around the world. Each region has its own favorite, from sweet Southern bourbons to peaty, smoky Scotches and complex Irish whiskeys. Whiskey doesn’t start out with the dark color and rich flavor components, however…. View Article