Hiring a Private Bartender: What Mixologists Should Bring to the Table

For corporate events, family gatherings like weddings and receptions, holiday parties and more, many event hosts choose private bartenders to enhance the experience. A quality professional bartender is much more than someone who pours drinks; he or she can entertain, educate, and keep the fun flowing. Choosing a private bartender is fairly straightforward, yet there… View Article

Indulge in These 3 Sweet, Delicious Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

Dessert cocktails are a popular after-dinner choice, allowing the diner to satisfy his or her sweet tooth without the heaviness of a larger dessert option. Among dessert cocktails, chocolate-based drinks have surged in popularity. Chocolate liqueurs range from traditional crème de cacao to those with nutty or even spicy notes. Godiva, the renowned Belgian chocolatier,… View Article