Creating Craft Cocktails with Activated Charcoal (Guest post by Rebecca Siggers)

Recent innovations in drink creation, paired with increasing quality of specialty products available, have allowed us to now craft our cocktails with activated charcoal. The detoxifying and purifying effects of activated charcoal (carbon ash) can help to cure various ailments, like controlling bloating, as well as whitening our “pearly whites”. You have all the options… View Article

Mastering the Dark ‘N Stormy (Recipe)

It’s hard to imagine that a cocktail would create legal controversy, but that is exactly what the classic Dark and Stormy has done. According to legend, the cocktail was first invented just after World War I on the Caribbean island of Bermuda. Since then, a Bermudan spirits producer has filed a registered trademark of the… View Article

Indulge in These 3 Sweet, Delicious Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

Dessert cocktails are a popular after-dinner choice, allowing the diner to satisfy his or her sweet tooth without the heaviness of a larger dessert option. Among dessert cocktails, chocolate-based drinks have surged in popularity. Chocolate liqueurs range from traditional crème de cacao to those with nutty or even spicy notes. Godiva, the renowned Belgian chocolatier,… View Article

A Creamy Treat: Oaxacan Milk Punch Cocktail

Milk-based cocktails have been staples of the bar scene for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Popular favorites like the White Russian or the holiday classic Egg Nog are time-honored classics, but both are known for their heavy, creamy consistency. Milk punches, particularly the clarified milk punch, offer the complex flavor and smooth mouthfeel of… View Article

St. Paddy’s Special: The Irish Colada

St. Patrick’s Day is a cause for celebration in the United States. Revelers from across the country congregate to sip drinks, eat food, and celebrate their Irish heritage (real or imagined). No St. Paddy’s Day party is complete without beer and spirits flowing freely. Unfortunately, the time-worn green beer is not only unpleasant but also… View Article