Private Event Services

by | May 11, 2017 | Private Bartending

The role of the professional bartender is both art and science. These talented mixologists create memorable experiences to go along with the hand-crafted cocktails and refreshments for which the industry is known.

Companies that provide professional bartending services for private events are often tasked with developing unique concepts, themes, and services. The most successful professional bartending service companies have learned to think outside the box with innovative service offerings, helping their clients develop private events that will create lasting memories. In this article, ideas for enhanced customer service will be explored.


Custom Cocktails and Themed Drinks

Many private events are held to coincide with holidays, such as the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season or Halloween-themed events. To help cater to these events, professional bartending staff often develop custom cocktails and themed drinks. Sometimes, the event theme lends a bit of creativity to the mix. The most accomplished mixologists will have the skill to create memorable cocktails… Think of events that celebrate a milestone or to honor a particular guest, and then develop a drink along those themes. With a range of ingredients and a little artistry, professional bartenders can set the stage for a fond experience on the part of event guests.


Working with Clients to Make Events Memorable

The best professional bartender service companies work closely with clients, learning about their unique tastes and desires when planning an event. Some clients may prefer sweet cocktails, while others lean toward bitter or sour flavors. Learning a client’s favorite cocktail choices can be a springboard for new ideas. It is important to remember that the ingredient choices may be limited, so a bartender must be able to create memorable cocktails with the items at hand. Speaking to clients during the preparation process is key to pulling off a great event for all the attendees.


Impeccable Service for Events

Sometimes, the best professional bartending companies stand out from competitors by providing outside-the-box services. Having a great staff is key, but there is more to the task of private event bartending than simply mixing and serving drinks.

What are some of the value-added services professional bartenders can provide? These could include:

  • Creation of homemade syrups and ingredients for bespoke cocktails
  • Planning services prior to the event, including drink menus, logistics, and equipment
  • After-event cleanup
  • Curation of unique drinking experiences, such as whiskey tastings or flights of assorted craft beers

With these ideas in mind, professional bartenders are well on their way to helping clients host truly memorable events. The role of the bartender is complex, providing refreshment, artistry, talent, and a bit of science for the benefit of event guests. Going the extra mile in offering unique services helps these companies continue to enjoy success.