Who Can Benefit from a Private Bartender Service?

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Private Bartending

Planning an event is a process full of challenges. No matter what kind of gathering, from small, intimate affairs to large corporate events, the goal is to provide a memorable time for guests. One of the ways that any event can benefit is by using professional private bartender services. At The Bartender Company, we have been the preferred provider of expert professional bartending services in the San Fransisco Bay Area for over a decade. We’ve handled an incredible variety of individual and corporate events, gaining expertise over the course of thousands of celebrations. Here are some of the the valuable benefits our services can provide…


Who Can Benefit from a Private Bartender?

Think about the last party you hosted: Getting everything and everyone together to ensure your guests had a great time was a big challenge, let alone the actual service on the day of the event! Preparing foods, decorating the event space, sending out invitations; these are all parts of hosting any size event, and a lot of work to begin with.

Now think about the drinks… Serving drinks at a party is a challenge unto itself, and many party hosts feel overwhelmed by keeping their guests refreshed with cocktails, beers, and wines. That’s where a professional private bartender service comes in. We handle all aspects of drink service, from helping you to create a menu of seasonal favorites to stocking the bar, pouring and mixing drinks, and after-party cleanup. As an event host, the bar becomes one area you no longer have to worry about – Our talented bartender staff take care of keeping your guests smiling.


Our Events and Services

Events that are perfect for private bartender services include…

  • Weddings and wedding receptions
  • Bridal showers
  • Corporate events
  • In-office happy hours
  • Promotional events
  • Business dinners
  • Holiday parties
  • Conventions
  • Graduations
  • Retirement parties

The list is endless! With an expert private bartender to lend a hand, you can help create lasting memories for your guests with minimal effort, and even get creative with the type of celebrations you create.


Experience the Difference

All of our advanced bartenders are certified and insured. Our mixologists excel in planning out the drink menu with fresh fruits and homemade syrups for our signature cocktails, and we can help you select the cocktails that work best for your event theme, food or decor. We even employ experienced sommeliers to help you pair your event menu with the ideal wines. There are many benefits to a private bartending service for large or small events, and here at The Bartender Company we’re ready to help!