Tips for Choosing the Right Private Bartending Company

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Private Bartending

Planning a special celebration can be an extremely complex process. There are many components to hosting an event, from food and beverage catering to selecting service staff, location, and music. One of the primary ways in which special events can become truly magical is by offering guests the benefits of a professional bartending service. With quality bartending, in addition to delicious beverages, guests will be rewarded with memorable experiences.

Choosing the right professional bartending service is more than just selecting a company and crossing your fingers. Top bartending companies go above and beyond the simple task of pouring drinks for guests. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to select the right bartending service for the specific needs of your next special event.


Choosing a Professional Bartending Service

There are many companies that offer bartending services to individuals and event planners. Not all have the levels of professionalism, reliability, and skill. To ensure a luxurious and memorable experience for guests, it is critical to evaluate each company carefully, before making a decision.

Leading service providers know that there are multiple steps in offering impeccable service to their clients and their guests. By carefully planning all aspects of the event from preparation to clean up, the highest quality companies can differentiate themselves as a premier professional bartending service provider. These are the three steps that we believe are the most important to consider when choosing a professional bartender service…


The first step in any event is to create a plan. Quality bartending service providers will work directly with each client, determining the theme of the event itself as well as special attributes that help it stand out. The best bartending services will develop a personalized drink menu, which can range from curated wines (and draft beers) to specialty cocktails that fit the party’s theme perfectly. Understanding the number of guests attending the event (and the duration of the event itself) can help bartending companies to have the appropriate number of staff available for guest services. With a carefully customized plan in place, the event will go smoothly, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance.


Preparing drinks for guests is the main reason that professional bartending services are used at special events. However, much more goes into this part of the event process. A top quality company’s preparation on the day of the event (setting up to efficiently serve beverages, preparing glassware and bar equipment, and preparing seasonal cocktail juices and syrups by hand) allows the team to shine during the actual party. The best companies will source fresh fruits for their juices, syrups and drink garnishes; ensuring the final product being served is utmost in quality. Once service begins, their pro bartenders pour wines and beers for guests, concoct delicious cocktails, and provide conversation and entertainment for event attendees. Perfect preparations ensure that the bar is always stocked and serving smoothly, keeping guests glasses full and faces smiling.


Impeccable bartending services can bring any event to life. Whether it is a family wedding party or a large corporate event, professional bartenders have the skill and the experience needed to bring out the best in any gathering. The event isn’t over when the last drink is poured, highly-trained staff know that cleanup is a critical part of the overall experience. Once “last call” drinks are served, quality bartenders will begin to break down the bar service areas. All cleanup or last-minute service is completed flawlessly. The end result is a bar area that is spotless. Final checks can then be done to ensure that event hosts are completely satisfied with the experience.



By evaluating the service and quality of a professional bartending service before hiring a company for events, you have one less thing to worry about. The best bartending companies will continue working until they have exceeded every expectation. With these guidelines, we hope it is easy to choose the right professional bartender for your next special event, and your job as the party planner will be as enjoyable as that of your guests.