The Rose Champagne Float

by | May 11, 2019 | Culture, Mixology, Recipes

Champagne-based cocktails are time-honored classics. These delectable concoctions go perfectly with a wide range of events; from casual get-togethers, to holiday parties, to sumptuous brunch affairs, and even nights on the town. Champagne itself is often reserved for only the most special of occasions, but those in the know understand it is better to enjoy it anytime. Rather than sticking to boring (although delicious) favorites, adding a stylish twist to the champagne cocktail really brings out its best. Here is a great recipe for a raspberry rose champagne float – Possibly your new favorite drink! It contains a handmade raspberry rose syrup, but with a little creativity, you can add other berries for variations on this bubbly mix.

This flavorful and refreshing champagne-based cocktail pairs nicely with desserts or can be enjoyed on its own, any time of the day or night. It starts with a homemade berry syrup that is easy to prepare and lends a sweet, fresh flavor to the float.


Raspberry Rose Syrup

  • ¾ cup raw honey (organic preferred, if available)
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 6 oz. container (about 1 cup) fresh raspberries. Substitute blueberries or blackberries if desired, or create a berry blend for something truly magical
  • ¼ cup dried rose buds, organic preferred. Dried rose buds can be found online or in well-stocked tea shops.

Combine honey and water in a pot, then heat over a high flame. Bring the mixture almost to boiling. Remove the pot from heat and add the raspberries (or other berries) and the rose buds. Muddle the mixture with a wooden spoon thoroughly, then let cool. Strain the resulting mixture through a fine mesh strainer and store in the refrigerator until use (within a day or two).


Raspberry Rose Champagne Float

  • ½ cup French vanilla ice cream
  • 4 oz. champagne (Prosecco can be substituted, if desired)
  • 2 oz. raspberry rose syrup (see above)
  • ½ oz. blackberry liqueur (crème de mure)

Add the ice cream to a chilled champagne flute or a tall chilled glass. Pour the raspberry rose syrup over the ice cream. Gently mix the champagne and blackberry liqueur in another glass, then pour it over the ice cream. For garnish, flakes of edible gold leaf give the float a dramatic and luxurious look. Enjoy!