Bartender Pricing: How Much is a Private Event Bartending Service?

For most events during the year, such as weddings, cocktail parties, corporate celebrations, and anniversaries, the services of a professional bartender can enhance the gathering. Regardless of the size of the event, bartending services can be hired to create a memorable celebration. Events ranging from casual backyard get-togethers to more formal occasions can benefit from having… View Article

The Basics of Whiskey Maturation

Whiskey is one of the most popular spirits, and varieties of this amber-colored liquor can be found in bars and taverns around the world. Each region has its own favorite, from sweet Southern bourbons to peaty, smoky Scotches and complex Irish whiskeys. Whiskey doesn’t start out with the dark color and rich flavor components, however…. View Article

A Creamy Treat: Oaxacan Milk Punch Cocktail

Milk-based cocktails have been staples of the bar scene for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Popular favorites like the White Russian or the holiday classic Egg Nog are time-honored classics, but both are known for their heavy, creamy consistency. Milk punches, particularly the clarified milk punch, offer the complex flavor and smooth mouthfeel of… View Article

St. Paddy’s Special: The Irish Colada

St. Patrick’s Day is a cause for celebration in the United States. Revelers from across the country congregate to sip drinks, eat food, and celebrate their Irish heritage (real or imagined). No St. Paddy’s Day party is complete without beer and spirits flowing freely. Unfortunately, the time-worn green beer is not only unpleasant but also… View Article

Dubai’s Drinking Attitude, Style & Culture

As a glittering example of modernization, the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates attracts visitors from around the world. Despite being a Muslim city, its drinking scene is truly world-class, offering incredible diversity and style in drinking establishments. Some of these drinking venues are unique to the city, spurring a nightlife that offers… View Article

Your Mobile Bartending Snack Guide

In planning a special private event, the professional bartender is responsible for many roles. Much attention goes into developing signature cocktails, then mixing and pouring refreshments for guests. One overlooked aspect of many events is the choice of bar snacks to complement the drink menus. Offering snacks at the bar can enhance the guest experience,… View Article

Mixology Establishments vs Online Courses

A growing interest among young adults is learning new skills. From cooking to butchering, woodworking, and metalwork, creative young adults have clamored to expand their skill sets by joining like-minded individuals in fun coursework. Learning to pour cocktails is one of the popular ways that today’s creative young adults are making connections with one another. … View Article

Are Automated Bar Systems the Future?

Around the world, business owners are implementing advanced technology as a means of improving efficiency while reducing overhead costs. Automation in point-of-sale systems and service delivery has risen to the forefront of this emerging technology trend, including such customer service-oriented stalwarts like the bar and restaurant industries. A Chicago-based company called Innovative Tap Solutions has… View Article

The Craze That is Whiskey Tasting

Few drinks tantalize the taste buds of liquor enthusiasts like whiskey. With thousands of varieties to choose from around the world, whiskey has long been a staple of bar and tavern operations both in the United States and abroad. Complex flavor notes like oak, citrus, tobacco, and honey are some of many profiles in whiskies;… View Article